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dippy hippie

qu'est-ce qu'elle fout la?

14 May
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28 years old, living in the north of England, have a very lovely girlfriend and live with varying degrees of insanity.

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60s, 70s, activism, aix-en-provence, alan davies, alice walker, amanda burton, andrea dworkin, ani difranco, anti-bush, anti-fascist, anxiety, b3ta, baseball boots, bbc, bbc7, beautiful south, beer, beethoven, beth gibbons, bipolar, blue, body positive, card making, catholicism (kinda), cerys matthews, charity shops, chocolate, clue, code breakers, comedy, comfy bed, community development, constant lateness, converse, creative protest, creativity, cults, dab digital radio, dead ringers, debt, depression, digital photography, disability, dogme films, dyke, earth, eddie izzard, endometriosis, environmentalism, father ted, feminism, flower power, flowers, france, francophile, free things, french, friends, graffiti, hair dye, hamsters, hello kitty, hippie, hoegaarden, holly hobby, hothead paisan, ibs, indie, indigo girls, internet, jeanette winterson, julie andrews, just a minute, justice for women, kd lang, lazy, lesbian, linda smith, louise attaque, lush, madness, mamas & papas, mark thomas, maroc, maya angelou, menstrual, mini eggs, musicals, my little pony, nina simone, pacifism, panic attacks, papercraft, paul merton, pcos, pepsi max, photography, piercing, political satire, portishead, pretty things, pro-choice, psychosis, ptsd, purple, radio 4, radio 4 comedy, radiohead, raspberries, reading, red, reduce reuse recycle, retro, riots not diets, roll-ups, sandi toksvig, satire, self harm, self-hate, service user involvement, sheffield, skechers, smoking, sound of music, south yorkshire, stand-up, strawberry shortcake, subvertising, tetris, the news quiz, the now show, thelma and louise, tobacco, tom lehrer, trade justice, trainers, turquoise, tv-free, vagina warrior, vintage, water, women, woodcraft folk, writing, writing and receiving letters, yorkshire, zines